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Family Heirlooms or
Custom Pieces

Do you need a custom piece made for a steampunk occasion or wedding? Do you have a family heirloom, vintage collection, or broken piece of jewelry you would like to transform into a unique personal piece created just for you, a family member or a friend? Please contact me if you would like to collaborate on designing your piece. Email me details about your ideas today.

Anni Frohlich Jewelry Repairs

My journey, as an artist, began over two decades ago. It was a point in time when what is now considered “Reuse and Re-purposing” was commonly referred to as “Recycling”. It seemed to be on the cusp of becoming more recognized and more importantly, appreciated. The need for creative reuse inspired my personal fascination for found materials and objects, the more peculiar the better. I began to collect objects and although I have had no formal training, I have explored ideas and techniques arriving at and maintaining my own authentic style. Most of my creations are one of a kind handmade in Saint Augustine, Florida.

My commitment/promise to you:
I absolutely love and appreciate all my customers. You are my favorite people and I am overflowing with gratitude for your interest in my creations. My hope is that you will wear and continue to enjoy your jewelry for years to come…….if for any reason what so ever you are not happy with your piece, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would like to have the opportunity to accommodate you.  

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